In the beginning

It all started in June 2013. My cousin George told me I should start playing a video game called League of Legends. The way the game goes, is that there’s two teams of five players that  that play against each other. Each player picks one out of eighty-champions (at the time) and plays as that champion.  He was playing the video game about three months before I was, and had more knowledge of the game.

At first, I didn’t like the game because I didn’t know what I was doing. Every player in the game controls a champion that has 4 abilities. Every champion has an order in which you should use your 4 abilities to get your maximum performance, against other enemy champions on the other team. My cousin George would say things like “what are you doing!” “Get in there!” He loves winning and I wasn’t helping since I was new to the game and I was playing the game on a laptop that could barely run the game. What I ended up finding out is that you actually have to study how to play the game. My cousin George then told me that their was a people that there was a competitive organization called League of Legends Champions Series that was broadcast on a website called

One of the games played that session in Summer 2013

The Start

I couldn’t believe how huge the competitive scene for League of Legends was. My cousin and I would watch these teams from North-America compete against each other for a prize pool. I started to watch these competitive player to learn how to get better at the game. There was so many things going on while watching the pros play from the announcers commentating over the game, new champions I’ve never seen before, and the crowd cheering. That’s right! These competitive games were being played in a large studio screening in Los Angeles.


My cousin and I , as well as a couple of our friends; watched the League of Legends Champions Series games that summer for the summer-split. The more I watched the pro-player the more I started to understand how to play the game more strategically. As we watched more, we began to how our own favorite teams. My favorite team that year was Team Solo-Mid.

This was the beginning of how I first got into e-sports.