When I was around the age of 15 years old, I would always play video games and I would tend to need help with a level in a game so I would look it up on the internet. YouTube.com tend to be the main area for showing people tutorials on how to “beat” a level.

I would always see a YouTube Channel called “Machinima” for these guides on levels for certain games. This wasn’t what mainly the channel did for video content. It consisted of vast varieties which included guides, (“video game skits” like Arby ‘N’ The Chief ), commentaries ( which was voice-over on a video-game footage ), leaked footage of video games that haven’t been released yet, video game trailers, video game reviews, montages, top plays of the week like Optic Nation’s Top 5 Killcams Of The Week from Optic HECZ , interviews with video game developers/game designers and much more. The best part of it all was that vast majority of videos made were created by individuals who had a passion that wanted to create. Watching these many talented content creators always interested my as I grew older.

How it worked ?

The videos made were submitted to the YouTube channel called Machinima by content creators that had YouTube channels. The people that worked at the company Machinima would then view and select the potential videos that would be published to their channel. People that were subscribed to Machinima  would see these new videos when they would go to their subscription box in YouTube.com  This allowed people to get discovered for the videos that they created.