I can still remember the day I got Mona. It was the first week of June 2009. My mom told me she saw a stray dog wondering around her parking lot at work trying to find food. She decided to bring home the poor little pooch. When my mom brought her in the house she was in a big cardboard box with holes in them. As soon as we both finally opened the box, I noticed how dirty she was. It was hard to tell that she was a bichon frise or a walking poor little mop. My little Mona had dirt all over her that made her look like she had dark grey fur, instead of white.

First video recording of her

We had her sleeping in the backyard in the mean time, since she was too dirty to be inside the house. Till this day, she is still the sweetest little thing just like when we first got her.

First few captured photos


First week we got Mona
During the first week we got Mona2009-06-05-15-08-50














Being Reasonable

When We got her I was so happy that I had a friend and companion that carried about me and vice versa. A week after we have had her, my brother told me that we needed to take her to the local humane society to see if she had a locator chip in her teeth and to place a lost dog listing for her. I felt sad knowing I would lose someone I carried about. At the same time, if there was someone trying to find her that belonged to her I would have to understand how they would of felt losing someone they love. About after a month the humane society sad that no one contacted them about a lost bichon frise, and told us that we could keep her. I was so happy that we could take her into our home.

The meaning of her name

My mom was the person that started to call her “Mona”. In Spanish, “Mona” means doll. My mom said that when she doesn’t move, she looks like a doll. To me she look more like a stuffed animal but the name Mona stuck and we have been calling her that ever since we got her.



She’s still the same sweetheart except she’s more fluffier and she chases after the neighbor’s black cat whenever it’s on the fence.