The year was 2003 and I was about 8 years old. I don’t remember the exact details why I wanted a video game console, but I just did. My second oldest brother finally agreed to purchase one for me, one afternoon. He took me to Toys “R” Us, which is a store that sells toys.When I went in the store, it was just paradise. Nothing but aisles and aisles of toys.

My brother and I walked near the back-section of the store were they had the consoles. I literally remember that Toys “R” Us had a single aisle just dedicated to the video games for the consoles.

The decision

As my brother and I finally were in between two aisles sections that separated the two consoles that Toys “R” Us was selling, I had to make a choice.There was two consoles in front of two t.v.’s that you could play each console.  I remember my brother saying, “Alright which one ?” I didn’t test the two consoles because I’ve already made my choice. I said “the one on the left”. The console on the left was the Nintendo 64.


After I choose the console, we went to the aisle that had the video games for the Nintendo 64. All the video games had a little boxes that had the picture of the game and a many slips of paper that had the image of the game. You couldn’t actually grab the game from the aisle because all the games were locked behind a glass window in the front. This is why the little boxes near the video game had the slips of paper.

What games I got

My brother told me that I could only get three games. The video games I got were

toystory264 monster-truck-madness-64


Every since I got my first console, I have always loved playing video games. I used to only stick to one console company like Nintendo. As I got older I started accepting every console I could get my hands on from PlayStation to Xbox. Nowadays, I play more on PC since many of my friends also play on PC. I never forget were I first started from because we all started from somewhere.

At the end of the day, we may be different but we probably both enjoy having fun by playing video games.