Hi I'm Angel

When I first started

The year was 2003 and I was about 8 years old. I don’t remember the exact details why I wanted a video game console, but I just did. My second oldest brother finally agreed to purchase one for me, one afternoon. He took me to Toys “R” Us, Continue reading “When I first started”


When I got Mona

I can still remember the day I got Mona. It was the first week of June 2009. My mom told me she saw a stray dog wondering around her parking lot at work trying to find food. She decided to bring home the poor little pooch. When my mom brought her in the house she was in a big cardboard box with holes in them. As soon as we both finally opened the box, I noticed how dirty she was. It was hard to tell that she was a bichon frise or a walking poor little mop. My little Mona had dirt all over her that made her look like she had dark grey fur, instead of white. Continue reading “When I got Mona”

How I First got into E-sports

In the beginning

It all started in June 2013. My cousin George told me I should start playing a video game called League of Legends. The way the game goes, is that there’s two teams of five players that  that play against each other. Each player picks one out of eighty-champions (at the time) and plays as that champion.  He was playing the video game about three months before I was, and had more knowledge of the game.

At first, I didn’t like the game because I didn’t know what I was doing. Continue reading “How I First got into E-sports”

Gear I Use for YouTube

What I realized

It’s easy to get sidetracked by wondering what type or gear you need for making YouTube videos for your channel, based on searching “what you need for a YouTube channel” in YouTube. I all really depends on what your channel even is. Let me start by talking about cameras. For example, you can have the more expensive/ best quality camera in the world but it won’t have the actual quality of content that would make people interest in you or your channel. In other words, don’t feel terrible that you have to spends thousands of dollars for a camera or microphone because you don’t.

You need the foundation first

All it takes to start is Continue reading “Gear I Use for YouTube”

How I First Got Interest into YouTube

When I was around the age of 15 years old, I would always play video games and I would tend to need help with a level in a game so I would look it up on the internet. tend to be the main area for showing people tutorials on how to “beat” a level. Continue reading “How I First Got Interest into YouTube”

Hello Everyone

I’m exited to getting started with WordPress. This is a new skill I’m learning but I’m glad I’m learning this new intriguing strength. I can’t really decide on what to get started on first because there is just so much for my site. I will probably first start off by creating a page for my YouTube channel. Continue reading “Hello Everyone”

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